Next Tier Capital Partners is a private commercial real estate firm. Drawing on our extensive experience and long standing relationships in the industry, we offer finely tuned, strategic guidance to our clients at all stages of their complex transactions. We arrange commercial real estate debt and equity financing solutions including restructuring and secondary debt market acquisitions. Maintaining a collaborative and solution oriented approach, we aim to be flexible and creative as we work towards fulfilling our clients’ objectives. For more on our ethos, click here.

Our Expertise

Advisory Services

We undertake advisory assignments where we can deliver a responsive, tailored solution to a strategic transaction or situation, typically on a relationship or accommodation basis.


Debt and Equity Origination – Senior mortgage positions, structured subordinated positions (mezz and pref equity), participating debt that can be tailored to any situation, LP and GP Capital.

Debt Acquisition – Negotiated in the secondary market or as part of a broader solution addressing an unstable situation.

Credit Solutions – Credit backed & credit enhanced financing solutions for funding tenant improvements for private commercial owners and public government entities.


Direct and indirect property or portfolio investment through outright acquisition, acquiring controlling or accreting controlling interests, or selective joint controlling stakes with long-held relationships and affiliates.

Our Approach

Intrinsic Value / Value Add

  • We look to unlock intrinsic value. Drawing on our substantial base of experience as lenders, investors, owner–operators and borrowers, we are able to restructure and reposition the capital stack to maximize profits for our clients and partners.
  • We seek situations in which the introduction of our innovative approaches, relevant expertise and precisely calibrated debt and/or equity capital can provide significant upside to a transaction.
  • We pursue opportunities which will allow our clients and partners to create/stabilize/capture/enhance substantial additional value by providing specifically tailored and cost-effective investment and financing solutions.
  • We are experts at unlocking value in off-market, fast-moving and/or complex real estate structures and, together, have completed over $24 billion in debt and equity transactions.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

  • We identify and measure risk and assess whatever limitations may be caused by that risk.
  • We take a balanced and rational approach to risk assessment, distinguishing between perceived risk and real risk.
  • We mitigate those risks we can contain and plan for before providing the optimal solution for a transaction.

Asset Management Focus

  • We look to match our focused asset management approach to the risk elements, value preservation and value enhancement strategies identified with each investment opportunity we address.


Next-Tier Capital Partners focuses primarily on situations where we can apply our broad experience, investment approach and diversified expertise to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients, investors and stakeholders as well as to our principal team.

Investment Approach

  • We focus on risk-adjusted returns where we apply our proven approach and look to outperform the competitive set.
  • We tailor our investment structures to align our interests with that of our partners as well as the overall capital structure.
  • We have a defined entry point that matches material identified risk with a capital preservation strategy.
  • We have a defined investment horizon, yet embrace the discipline of periodic hold-sell reviews.
  • We have a defined exit window and strategy, remaining open to alternative exit opportunities.


  • Our senior team has a combined 50+ years of experience in institutional/high net worth lending and investment, opportunity fund management, investment banking and asset management for large enterprises and private equity.


  • Asset management is adequately resourced, properly supported and viewed as a key driver of our success.  It is never an afterthought.
  • We fine tune our transaction and asset management approaches to the key risk elements, value preservation and value enhancement focus areas identified at acquisition approval.


Next-Tier Capital Partners maintains an unyielding dedication to the highest professional standards of business conduct, fair dealing within and without the organization, transparency and integrity.  We know what we know, and know what we don’t know.  We make no pretensions about the latter and continuously try to enhance the former.  We are keenly aware of reputational risks and focus, every day, on ensuring that we meet the standards set and such risks are properly managed.

Fiduciary Duty

  • We thoroughly understand the fiduciary responsibilities that attach to every investment or situation we undertake.  We embrace those responsibilities in all that we do as investors, advisors and managers.


  • “The best disinfectant is sunlight.” Clearly spoken by someone that understands the nature of transparency and fair dealings.
  • We bring robust experience—and the scars that accompany such experience—as well as a strong track record in navigating the recurring, dynamic tension between confidentiality & privileged information and the need for appropriate transparency & disclosure.

Conflicts of Interest

  • The early identification of potential conflicts of interest is paramount. We bring our insight, experience and professional maturity to bear as we encounter these important situations.
  • Making every effort to avoid inherent conflicts of interest is a well accepted professional standard.  Nonetheless, conflicts do arise in the normal course; and it is our approach to managing these conflicts that distinguishes our best practices in this area.

Integrity in Practice

  • We hold to the highest standards of an honest, open and collaborative approach to the transactions we enter into and the positions for which we advocate. We do this with our clients and partners alike.


The Principals of Next-Tier bring a combined 50+ years of experience in real estate investment, lending and asset management to bear on every transaction and opportunity we encounter.  Team members were responsible for nearly $18 billion of debt origination, as well as over $6 billion of equity investment and the related investment, asset and financial management in both direct and indirect positions.

Uday Shah – Managing Principal

Mr. Shah is the founder of Next-Tier Inc. and its related companies and is responsible for business development and execution. Prior to Next-Tier, Mr. Shah was a co-founder of Lance LLC, a specialty finance company that delivered debt and equity capital to provide cost-effective credit-based funding solutions for investment grade tenants, their developers and landlords. Prior to Lance, Mr. Shah was Head of Debt Capital Markets in the Real Estate Investment Group of JPMorgan Asset Management where he developed and executed debt strategies at both the individual property and portfolio level across JPMorgan Asset Managements Real Estate platform, which had over $50 billion of direct real estate assets under management. Mr. Shah also established and managed the equity real estate group’s structured finance investment platform that made over $500 million in mezzanine and B-note investments. Mr. Shah’s transactional experience over his 25 year career includes the structuring and investment of over $2 billion in real estate and property funds, the disposition of over $2 billion of real estate, as well as $18 billion of real estate financings, encompassing all property types, debt structures and terms. Prior to joining JPMorgan he was a manager at AT&T Investment Management Corporation where he was one of four individuals responsible for the management of a $5 billion diversified real estate portfolio.

Brandon D Gioffre – Managing Principal

Brandon Gioffre is a Managing Principal at Next-Tier Capital Partners and is responsible for business development, operations and execution.   Prior to Next-Tier Capital Partners, Mr. Gioffre was a principal at Constellation Wealth Advisors, an independent multi-family office managing over $7 Billion for 150 families.  Before Constellation Wealth Advisors, Mr. Gioffre founded a team at Morgan Stanley that was responsible for recommending and managing investments for some of the most prominent real estate and ultra-high net worth families in the US and abroad. Mr. Gioffre served as a member of the New York Stock Exchange Hearing Board and the New York Stock Exchange Acceptability Board for over 16 years.  Mr. Gioffre attended Rye Country Day School and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Providence College.  He lives in South Salem, NY with his wife and three daughters.

Jake Seligmann – Vice President